People Now Working At Two Jobs

Steven Tan is a course co-ordinator at Sunway College
but he is a skating instructor on weekends.

For some in the Klang Valley, the income from one job is no longer sufficient to keep up with the rising cost of living and maintain their fast-paced lifestyle.

Many have capitalised on their own talents and resources to explore second jobs.

Sunway College’s Canadian International Matriculation Prog-ramme (CIMP) co-ordinator Steven Tan has opted to give skating lessons on weekends to earn some extra income.

Steve Santana is a administrator at a skating outfit by day and runs a laundry service at night.

Mukhshirin Mohd Jauhari is a full-time personal assistant who is a part-time voice talent with a production company.

Betty Yasmine is a sales retail executive during the day and a receptionist at bar and restaurant, at night.

Stanley Selvakumar has 3 jobs: an income tax consultant, a clown and an insurance agent.

Mohd Hazri Shihabuddin is an account executive and is also the director of Soulful Symphony which manages local artist Dina.

Read the full story in the Star.

Are you be willing to get a second job to earn more money ?

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