Hawker Food Same Price But Smaller Portions

I've noticed that the potions and ingredients of the usual hawker food have decreased although the prices remain the same as before.

I was told that chap fun (economy rice) sellers are dishing out a smaller portion of rice at first serving and tend to take the opportunity to charge more for what used to be a standard meal - what used to cost RM4.50 now cost RM5 - RM5.50.

The cost of living in KL has definitely increased but the income of the average white collar worker remains the same.

Readers has sent SMS' to the Star listing the best chap fun places in the Klang Valley as follows:

  • The best economy rice in the country is located at Restaurant Peng Kee, Jalan Kenari, Puchong (at the back of Restaurant Sam You). From: Yin Peng

  • The best rice meal package only at your friendly Restaurant J.S Maju, Precint 9 Putrajaya. Open 24 Hours, catering available too.

  • The best economy rice is in mama’s kitchen, damansara heights, pusat bandar damansara

  • Must try fried chicken, restaurant 211, kuchai enterpreneurs’ park.

  • Best chap fan is in Taman Rashna, Klang. Beside Magnum outlet, tasty restaurant servings with economy price.

  • Nam Chuan, Lucky Garden Bangsar. Good selection of food. Food finishes fast. Nothing much left after 1pm.

  • Best economy rice is ah hooi @ red house, USM campus Penang. Also shop next to soya bean drink stall @ island glades, Penang too.

  • If you have any other good places for hawker food or chap fun, please post your recommendations here.

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    What do you think of the cost of living now ? please post your comments.


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