Noreen Makes RM150 Per Day As A GRO

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The NST reported recently that 19-year-old Noreen to become a part-time guest relations officer (GRO) at a karaoke outlet to pay for her studies.

According to the news report, Noreen, from Port Dickson, says that although the job pays no basic salary, she earns up to RM150 a day, depending on the number of customers - she earns from the commission from drinks and tips. She begins work at 6pm daily and finishes at about 2am on weekdays and 4am on weekends.

Noreen says she doesn't offer any "extra services", although her customers have asked her often enough.

Noreen became a GRO to pay for her studies in computer programming in Seremban which she hopes to complete by next year.

She says that she needs approximately RM1,500 every month to pay her fees, rental and other expenses and her salary at her previous job at McDonalds' was insufficient to accommodate her monthly expenses.

Read the full story here.

Why aren't there any GRO opportunities for guys ? I'm sure there are plenty of rich "aunties" wanting the company of men to sing a few song with.

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