Chelsea Losing Its Virginity Tonight !

For football fans, especially Manchester United and Chelsea fans, tonight (7.45pm UK time) or rather tomorrow morning (2.45am Malaysian time) will be the UEFA Champions League Final in Moscow:

Manchester United Vs. Chelsea

The UEFA Champions League is an annual club football competition organised by UEFA for the top football clubs in Europe.

No other English football clubs have won this prestigious trophy except for Liverpool and Manchester United. Liverpool leads Manchester United by winning 5 trophies thus far.

Manchester United has won 2 trophies - in the 1967-68 final beating Benfica 4-1 and in the 1998-99 final beating Bayern Munich 2-1.

Chelsea, however, is like a virgin in Champions League list of champions - it has never won this trophy before in its history. Tonight will be an opportunity for Chelsea to lose its European football virginity.

Last week, Manchester United became the football King of England this year, yet again, after winning the English Premier League, with Chelsea being the runner-up.

Tonight's game will determine which team will be the football King of Europe, this year.

Most punters have predicted that its either a 1-0 win for Manchester United or a 1-1 draw, within standard 90 minute game.

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