Arab Social Escorts For RM500 Pay Day

According to Harian Metro, you can purchase the services of an Arab woman "social escort" for as little as RM500 for the whole day, in Kuala Lumpur.

These Arab women apparently ply their trade at high-end restaurants to attract well to do customers.

They usually dress sexily and hang out in groups. They prefer targeting male overseas tourists, as these tourists are willing to pay a higher prices for escort services - and sometimes prefer 2 women at once, for a "3-some".

All the prospective customer has to do to indicate that he is interested is to make "eye contact", followed by a wink and a smile which will be reciprocated by these women. Negotiations will then proceed as to the price and "terms of service".

According to a regular customer of the restaurant, Arab women social escorts have been operating in that restaurant since 5 years ago. They enter the country with a tourist visa for a month, then circulate to neighboring countries to ply their trade.

I'm sure not all these women are from Saudi Arabia, thus referring to them as "Arabs" is inaccurate. Shouldn't "Middle Eastern" be the more accurate term ?

We have Indonesians, China Dolls, Filipinas, Russians, Thais, Vietnamese social escorts and now Arab women also. It appears that Malaysian is a haven of foreign women social escorts. "Malaysia, Truly Global"

Does anyone know where these Arab women hang out ?

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Anonymous said...

There's no arab escort asshole!!!!

abc said...

Arab hookers are all over KL, and they suck!! That's why they are so cheap!

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